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Here's a brand new item for all you tea enthusiasts. Say goodbye to the clumsy, unattractive tea infusers of the past and meet the latest in design, style and functionality. Made of high quality food grade silicone which will last many years or even a lifetime under normal operating conditions. Available in 6 different colors as shown in the below picture, Lime Green, Sky Blue, Root Beer Brown, Lemon Yellow, Sherbet Orange and Clear Ice. You may state your color preference in the "comment box" on the bottom of the final page of checkout. Don't settle for bulky outdated models at higher prices, get the latest, best designed units, which you'll find here at Genaldi.com!


• Durable enough for industrial use
• Measures 5 - 3/4" with no breakable mechanisms
• Constructed entirely of high quality food grade silicone
• Withstands temperatures up to 230 Celsius / 446 Fahrenheit
• Optimum flow for perfect steeping
• Fits nicely into glasses and mugs
• Ideal for a 8-14oz perfect cup of tea
• Individually packaged in colorful attractive packaging
• Can also used for infusing herbs when cooking