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Research shows that over 70% of all golfers incorrectly align their putts. Use of this device can greatly increase your accuracy and proficiency on the putting green. These units are designed for right handed putters only (10mm maximum shaft size and are meant to fit tight) and project a red dot where you aim to more accurately define your putting line. They aren't going to be too visible in bright sunlight, shaded areas or indoor practicing is more ideal for this type of item. All my laser items are made in Taiwan, not in China like cheaper units. I'm the only authorized seller assigned by the manufacturer to sell their products in the US. Any other products looking similar to this design are knock-offs and will be in violation of patent # 6,602,145 B1. The picture below will vary in size depending on your screen resolution that you're running your monitor at, they may appear even larger if you're running a lower screen resolution. Please read below under the features area for the exact measurements of this item. These can retail for as high as $49 each, but buying in large quantities allows me to pass the savings on to my customers and offer them at a greatly discounted WHOLESALE price. I have these custom made directly from the manufacturer, so my prices and quality can't be touched. Don't settle for bulky outdated models at higher prices, get the smallest, best designed units around, which you'll find here at Genaldi.com!


• Powerful Red Class IIIa 635nm FDA approved laser diode
• Easy push ON/OFF button
• Durable plastic case which will last a lifetime
• Easy install, just attach to shaft, align and you're ready to go
• Individually packaged in white gift boxes
• Small measurements of 1" High x 2-5/8" Wide x 3/4" Deep
• Includes (1) fresh CR2 Lithium battery ready for use