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Research shows that over 70% of all golfers incorrectly align their putts. Use of this device can greatly increase your accuracy and proficiency on the putting green. These are brand new to the market and the only green golf laser aimers available. You may be thinking a green laser on green grass won't show as good as a red laser? Quite the opposite actually, due to the fact that the human eye is much more sensitive to the color green. That, along with a more complicated internal makeup, makes green lasers much easier to see on any surface. This model will only work with right handed putters and projects a green dot where you aim to more accurately define your putting line. When using on center shafted putters, you just have to compensate for the slightly different positioning of the putting line due to where they're mounted. These are perfect for anyone who wants to help improve their golf game. These can retail for as high as $129 each, but buying in large quantities allows me to pass the savings on to my customers and offer them at a greatly discounted WHOLESALE price. I have these custom made directly from the manufacturer, so my prices and quality can't be touched. Don't settle for bulky outdated models at higher prices, get the smallest, best designed units around, which you'll find only here at Genaldi.com!

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• This item has been temporaily discontinued by the manufacturer.
• Powerful Class IIIa 532nm FDA approved GREEN laser diode
• Easy switch ON/OFF button
• Durable metal case which will last a lifetime
• Unique mounting bracket allows easy slip on/off shaft between putting
• Individually packaged suitable for retail sale
• Small measurements of 7/8" High x 1-7/8" Wide x 1-3/4" Deep
• Kit includes (1) fresh CR2 Lithium battery and mini screwdriver