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You've probably seen similar models being sold elsewhere on the net for various prices, some with exhorbent shipping prices and/or over exposed/edited beam pictures showing a beam so bright, it's comical. I've tried a few different models, and decided on this one for the following reasons. Like all my laser items, they're not made in China like the majority of the units sold the net, it has a quality build and produces a more consistent output since they're made with APC (Auto power control) circuitry instead of ACC (Auto current control) circuitry which most units have. APC maintains a constant output power until the batteries die, thus eliminating the annoying power variations in brightness resulting from thermal effects on the diode and laser crystals as the pointer heats up. APC units are generally more for industrial use and more expensive to make than ACC units. Keep in mind, even when these lasers are the same power as red or green lasers, because of the wavelength/color, they won't "appear" as bright as those colors of lasers. That's because our eyes aren't as sensitive to this color in laser spectrum. All in all these are some pretty nice units for the price I'm selling them at. They have many uses such as astronomy, teachers/presentations, bird watchers, tour guides, construction workers, scientific, military, security applications, forensics Investigations, playing with pets (Dogs and Cats love chasing the laser dot) etc... etc... The picture below will vary in size depending on your screen resolution that you're running your monitor at. Please read below under the features area for the exact measurements of this item. These can retail for as high as $199 each, but buying in large quantities allows me to pass the savings on to my customers and offer them at a greatly discounted WHOLESALE price. I have these custom made directly from the manufacturer, so my prices and quality can't be touched. Rest assured, you'll be getting one of the best designed, highest quality lasers around, which you'll here at Genaldi.com!


• Very unique violet blue (almost purple like) color producing diode
• High quality brass casing with brilliant chrome finish
• Advanced APC (Auto power control) circuitry for consistent power throughout battery life
• Powerful continuous wave Violet 405nm Class IIIb laser diode
• Convenient push on/release off button with status light
• Measures 5 - 1/8" long
• Packaged in attractive metal gift boxes
• Includes (2) fresh AAA ready for use