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We recently quit selling another brand of teastick and decided to design our own, which we believe offers better functionality, greater interior capacity, ease of use and most importantly is lower priced! A contemplative toy that gently rocks as it infuses clouds of flavor before your eyes. This is what happens when designers and connoisseurs meet for tea. Order your Genaldi Teastick today and be one of the first to own a truly elegant tea steeping tool. This stylish and especially useful tea infuser would be the ultimate addition to any tea connoisseur’s collection. Simply scoop in your favorite tea from one end and steep in your cup. Washing is easy as can be, simply remove the end cap at the other end and wash the tea through the tube. Please excuse my mediocre picture, it's the best I could do for now. They will look much better in person! The picture below will vary in size depending on your screen resolution that you're running your monitor at. Please read below under the features area for the exact measurements of this item.


• Ultimate infuser for tea enthusiasts
• Intuitive removable end cap making cleansing a breeze
• Reflects the aesthetic of traditional loose tea service
• Durable enough for industrial use
• Measures 6 - 3/8" x 11/16" with no breakable mechanisms
• Constructed entirely of high quality 304 food grade stainless steel
• Dishwasher safe
• Can also used for infusing herbs when cooking
• Optimum flow for perfect steeping
• Elegantly laser engraved with the Genaldi Tea Naturally logo
• Fits nicely into glasses and mugs
• Ideal for a 8-14oz perfect cup of tea
• Individually packaged in white gift boxes