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Ever needed to signal a friend or point out some marine life while scuba diving or snorkeling underwater, and couldn't? That won't happen again with this ingenious device which allows you to signal your diving buddy with ease, while also interacting with marine life without disturbing the natural food chain (Many fish will actually follow the laser). These are mainly used as signaling devices and will display a red dot at short distances in clear water. They aren't going to shoot a visible light saber like beam through water. Nevertheless, they're an excellent item for Scuba divers and snorkelers to keep ready for use in their dive bag. Since it works very well outside of water also, it's great for fishing or boating trips, and just having fun playing games in and around home swimming pools. The picture above will vary in size depending on your screen resolution that you're running your monitor at. Please read below under the features area for the exact measurements of this item. These can retail for as high as $79 each, but buying in large quantities allows me to pass the savings on to my customers and offer them at a greatly discounted WHOLESALE price. I have these custom made directly from the manufacturer, so my prices and quality can't be touched. I've sold thousands of these scuba lasers, both on eBay and locally, and they've always received rave reviews. Whether you purchase this model or the more powerful professional green model which I also sell, you'll be getting the best designed, highest quality scuba laser around, here at Genaldi.com!


• Works well both underwater and outside of water
• Waterproof to 50 meters (Over 160 ft.)
• Signaling visibility up to 50 meters, depending on water/light conditions
• Up to 3X more powerful than competitors models
• Ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand
• High quality durable plastic case which will last and last
• Red Class IIIa laser with wavelength specifically selected for underwater use
• Convenient wrist strap and "twist" on and off to activate laser
• Measures 5 - 1/4" from end to end
• Individually packaged in colorful attractive packaging
• Includes (2) fresh AA batteries ready for use