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These are newly designed and just released so you probably won't find them anywhere else but here. Ever been in a situation when you needed a compact, yet powerful light or laser pointer to point something out? With their extremely compact size you can take these anywhere you go and never be without a light source again. Keep one or two in your car glove compartment for safety use or bring them along on boating, cycling, fishing or camping trips. These are also excellent entertainment at parties, dances and rave outings. Dogs and cats love chasing the laser dot as well. The amount of light the LED produces is simply amazing considering their compact size, they can even be seen from over a mile away. When they need to be charged, simply pop of the back cap and plug into any available USB port on your computer. A status light will show when the recharge cycle is complete. The picture below will vary in size depending on your screen resolution that you're running your monitor at. Please read below under the features area for the exact measurements of this item. These can retail for as high as $29 each, but buying in large quantities allows me to pass the savings on to my customers and offer them at a greatly discounted WHOLESALE price. I have these custom made directly from the manufacturer, so my prices and quality can't be touched. I've sold thousands of these LED's and laser pointers, both online and locally, and they've always received rave reviews. Get the best designed, highest quality lights on the market, of which you'll only find this model on Genaldi.com! Custom logo printing is available on orders of 200+ pieces, please email for details and pricing!


• 100,000 + hour lifespan on white LED element will last a lifetime
• Laser pointer uses a Red 630 - 670 nm laser diode
• Compact measurements of 3 - 1/4" Long x 1" Wide x 1/4" Deep
• Recharges in 2 hours and is rechargeable over 500 times
• Recharges through any USB port - Status light shows when recharge is complete
• Compact design which enables you to take anywhere
• Sturdy ABS case with trademark Genaldi logo
• Individually packaged with black vinyl carrying pouch
• Convenient separate push on/release off buttons for laser and LED
• Rechargeable LIR2032 Lithium battery is already installed